It can be interesting and freeing to become more aware of the areas where we don’t fit the gender binary. In fact, isn’t it funny and so completely obvious how much gender socialization doesn’t actually serve us because it’s NOT us???⁣ There’s not one of us that completely fits into patriarchal ideas of “woman/man”, “feminine/masculine”.

Cam comprehensively unpacked this topic in their Feminist Coach Track class on gender, patriarchy and coaching.

In their class, Cam covered the following topics.

  • Gender from a queer feminist anthropological lens
  • What gender is and how it has been constructed
  • How we have been conditioned by the gender binary
  • The difference and connection between what we think of as “biological sex”, gender and sexuality
  • Judith Butler’s notion that “sex” is as socially constructed as gender, and queer theory’s questioning of gender essentialism
  • Breaking down gender identity, expression, expectations and norms
  • The different messages you received growing up and now based on gender, and how you’ve internalized them about yourself and others
  • Internalized oppression + freeing yourself from gender beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Your vision for the future of gender
  • Cam’s “Prefigurative Gender Deconstruction”
  • Living in the here-and-now as we want the future to be
  • Practical actions you can begin taking now in your coaching practice, with your clients, and in your business to disrupt patriarchy and the gender binary

Those who tuned in to the class said it was “so informative and mind-blowing in a personal sense, but also in terms of how I work and coach clients” and resulted “in me taking immediate action in updating my business systems and processes.”

The good news is, even if you were unable to attend the class live, you can access the recording and learn in your own time. You can purchase the individual class or the entire Feminist Coach Track.

Upon signing up, you will get access to the Class 2 recording, slides, worksheet, and a list of resources. If you sign up for all 12 classes in the track, you will also get access to our Members’ Portal where we will store all the class recordings and other resources that we are collating especially for you.

Here’s to breaking free from gender norms and expectations that don’t serve us. ⁣

You can be ALL of you. You’re a whole person after all. ⁣


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