We hosted our first live class in the pilot round of the Feminist Coach Track – which means the class recording is now available if you choose to join us.

In this class, Naomi introduced us to the Feminist Coach Track (FCT) and Feminist Coach Theory.

In case you’re wondering what Feminist Coach Theory is exactly, our definition is as follows:

“Feminist Coach Theory is an integrative approach to coaching that combines the practice of coaching with feminist philosophies and social justice teachings. Feminist Coach Theory adopts a critique of patriarchy, systems of oppressions and power to question the different ways we’ve been socialised and oppressed (based on gender, race, sexuality, class, ability etc) and how this shows up for the coach and client in their lives, goals, and relationships with self, other and each other. It employs an examination of the dynamic between self-awareness and social awareness to interrupt dominant ways of thinking and acting, access our inner and outer liberation, expand possibilities and options, identify possible strategies and solutions, and ultimately create new ways of thinking, being and acting within ourselves, with each other and in the world.” 

So in this first class, Naomi introduces us to the origins of Feminist Coach Theory, shares and unpacks our definition, briefly defines the key terms (e.g., patriarchy, oppression, power, socialisation, etc), and essentially helps participants understand what Feminist Coach Theory is and how it can be of use in your coaching, business and life.

She also shared tips, information and frameworks (including sphere of influence, the action continuum, and the liberatory consciousness model) for how participants can get the most out of the Feminist Coach Track – essentially how they can ensure they are translating the theory to practice in their life and work. To assist with this, we also developed and shared a workbook that participants can use during each class to support the process of learning, integration and praxis.

This lecture style class aimed to set participants up with a foundational understanding of Feminist Coach Theory, how it can be applied in their life and work, and how to ensure the teachings are integrated in real life after each FCT class.

Those who attended the class live commented afterwards that:

  • it was “beyond brilliant”, an “exceptional class” and “such a great introductory call”;
  • they were “excited to use the worksheet in the upcoming calls” and “loved how much thought has been put into helping us translate theory into action”; and
  • “Cam and Nai have put together a phenomenal program and supporting resources.”

The good news is, even if you were unable to attend the class live, you can still access the recording. You can purchase the individual class or the entire Feminist Coach Track.

Upon signing up, you will get access to the Class 1 recording, slides, worksheet, and a list of recommended resources for learning more about Feminist Coach Theory and the frameworks cited in class. If you sign up for all 12 classes in the track, you will also get access to our Members’ Portal where we will store class recordings and other resources that we are collating especially for you.


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