In this episode, our co-founder Naomi Arnold interviews coach and FCA member Sabrina Davis about all things overthinking, feminism and business
We discuss:
  • What Sabrina is passionate about, who she works with and how she came to be doing this work.
  • How overthinkers have a tendency to be perfectionists and Sabrina shares the connections she’s seen between patriarchy, perfectionism and overthinking. 
  • Ways overthinkers can begin to unlearn perfectionism and show up as they are.
  • How overthinking popped up as a barrier or block for Sabrina when she started her busienss and what she did to work through this.
  • Sabrina’s tips for coaches and helping professionals who are wanting to start a business, but who are feeling stuck and confused.
  • Sabrina’s experience and advice on balancing a business with a day job and other commitments.
  • The role of journaling and big questions in Sabrina’s life as well as in her clients lives.
  • Why the Feminist Coach Track, and how these programs have supported her.

  • Top tips for overthinkers to help them get out of their head and move forward in some way.


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